What To Do While Waiting for “The One”

What To Do While Waiting for “The One”

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” -Psalm 27:14

Last week I put up a blog post title, “Why I’m not freaking out that I haven’t found “the one” yet, and why you shouldn’t be, either.” If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please go back and do so. This was actually going to be all one blog post (last week’s and this week’s), but it was really long. So I thought I’d split it up. That being said, please try and read last week’s to get some context as to what’s happening! 🙂

The topic this week is what we’re supposed to be doing while we’re single and waiting for “the one” as Christians.

So what should we do while we’re waiting? Here are a few vital things.

  1. Stay obedient. I know I mentioned this in the last blog, but it’s absolutely critical. We must stay obedient to God in order for Him to align everything down the road. Yes, God has a perfect plan, but we must stay inside of His plan in order for things to go according to plan. If we misstep and throw the plan off for the moment, it’s okay. It just means that it might take a little longer to get where we’re going. And none of us want that. So, stay obedient.
  2. Trust Him. Again, I know I stated this before, but it’s another thing that’s so important. If we can’t trust God with the idea and desire for a spouse, then what are we going to do when we find that spouse? Singleness is a prime season for learning to trust God. Remember, our future spouse is not intended to replace God, but to grow us closer to God. So while we’re waiting, let’s build the root and foundation of trusting in God now.
  3. Grow in our relationship with God. We have a lot more free time as singles than those committed to marriage do. And before we get into a relationship, it’s important that we are committed to God and His Word, first. Devote yourself to prayer, reading and studying the Scriptures, and serving one another. That way you’re going into a relationship not looking for the other person to fulfill you, but you’re going in it to be with someone you can further God’s Kingdom with.
  4. Pray for, and about, your future spouse. Start asking God to bring you a Godly person to be your spouse. Pray for the qualities you want in a spouse, and pray for those qualities to be in the person God has for you. Pray for them and their faith, family, and circumstances, too. It may sound crazy, but because God knows who we’re talking about, it’s actually a pretty cool thing we can do. And we might even get to see the results of those prayers someday. And while you’re on the topic of praying for qualities you want in your future spouse, let that be a mirror to reflect who you should be working to become as a future spouse as well. If you’re praying for someone who loves others more than themselves, the chances are, that person’s going to be looking for a person with those same selfless attributes. So, you can look at yourself and ask God what He wants you to focus on so that in the future you can be a Godly spouse for someone, too.
  5. Do not settle. Oh guys, I can’t stress this enough. Do not. Do not. Do not settle. Don’t settle for the next guy that says hi to you because he noticed you. God has not made you to settle. When we settle, we’re telling God that His best isn’t worth the wait. And trust me, it is. Can it be hard somedays, yes. But, waiting on God is the most important thing we can do. I’d rather be single for another ten years than to settle for something that’s not from God because I can’t wait another moment for God to bring me His best. And this principal really applies to anything. Whether it be a job, a move, a spouse, ect. We make an absolute mess of our lives when we refuse to wait on God, take things into our own hands, and settle. Do not settle. God’s best for you is wayyyyyy better than that.

One last thing on this whole subject. Remember when looking for a spouse, they need to be a Christian, too. If you’re a Christian, you need someone else who is a Christian, too (see 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). Marriage is designed to reflect Christ and the Church (see Ephesians 5:21-33). You should be with someone who is bringing you closer to Christ, not farther away. You need to be with someone who will pray with you, study the Bible with you, serve with you, and love you as Christ loved us. This is how God intended for marriage to be.

If you’re single—stay faithful to God. He knows. He sees you. He hears you. Stay faithful and stay obedient. God promises His best to those who wait on Him.

We’ll talk soon 🙂












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