Updates + Changes

Updates + Changes

Hey guys!

It’s been a serious minute since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. After praying recently, I’ve decided to go ahead and whip out my keyboard and start up again. However, there are a few changes coming with this, and that’s what I’m here to tell you about!

First, my blog is going to be moving to a new website address. There are several reasons for this, but I’ll spare you the details! What’s important is that going forward, all of my blogs will be written and published on http://www.stephaniejayetaylor.com. It’d mean the world if you headed over to that site and signed up for the newsletter to get updates about blogs and more. If you’re signed up for my email list on this site, I’ll try my best to make sure you’ll still be on the mailing list for my new site, but you may still want to throw your email on the new site sign up, just in case! (It’s at the bottom of the home page on the new site. It’s easy to find and only takes one minute!)

Second, I’m starting up a Facebook page to post updates about my writing and also engage more with everyone throughout the week. There, I’ll be putting short writings up. In fact, I’ve already started! To see those, just look up “Stephanie Jaye Taylor” on Facebook. If you like the page, you’ll be all set up for the fun things that are going on there.

Lastly, I just want to thank you so much for reading all my blogs. Your support has been amazing, and I cannot wait to start a new chapter of blogging. I have a lot of dreams stirring around in my head, and a lot of them are making it to paper, and I can’t wait to grow and share with all of you what God has been doing in my life. His faithfulness is truly amazing, and I’m so glad to be back doing what I love most: Writing and writing about Him!

See you on the new site!


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